REBELLION is a brand of handmade accessories that blends mainly crocheted items with leather, feathers, fabric, precious stones, chains, lace and pearls.  Long are the days of yesteryear, where crocheted items were just considered to be quilts and granny squares. We strive to use unexpected materials to crochet unique pieces. REBELLION brings a chic and modern approach to your nana's Christmas sweaters. With a mix of colors, prints and textures, we are REBELLING against the perception of crocheted items. So REBEL with us!


All items are handmade with love and creativity. Each piece is unique as it is handmade, and takes individual time and attention to create. You will have the pleasure of adorning yourself with bright clutches, vintage style earrings, cutesy necklaces and looping scarves. Have no fear gents- we'll be sure to have hats, scarves, bracelets and gloves for you too- No need to REBEL against us.  :-P


Happy Shopping!